A Complete Website Design Service: from sketch to screen

We like to introduce you to Cadline Design, which is made up of Jim Cadline and Sophie Porter, two design graduates from Sussex University. After four years spent learning the craft of the web design industry, we are excited to launch our own business operating from the Hub in Brighton.

Why Choose Us?

Sophie’s designs are based on old-fashioned graphic design principles, a love of font, and misspent youth trawling design forums, old catalogues in the British library, and a stint with the artists collective in New York. Sophie uses pen and paper to do the wireframes, followed by live wire framing software to show you virtual prototypes in a semi-interactive fashion.

After this it’s over to Jim, has been a geek his entire life, coding his first website at the ripe old age of nine. Jim is now one of the south-east’s premier WordPress web developers and favours clean the minimal HTML which conforms to W3C guidelines, and a load time on the right side of greased lightning.

Who have we worked for?

Right now we’ve worked for a number of small brands across Sussex and Kent, including a well-known agricultural livery firm, a stationery and digital print firm, and the good people at Sussex University. We are looking forward to broadening our professional portfolio over the coming months by taking on as much work as we can designing exciting websites and digital assets. Sophie worked for the wonderful web design team at Barefoot Web for 2 years.

How much do we charge?

As a digital start-up we are relatively affordable offering at a rate of only £300. For this you will get both of our work and experience. We are not currently VAT registered so this would be a one off fee.

How are we at e-commerce?

We love e-commerce and I worked and trained extensively in the magenta platform as well as utilising Woocommerce for the WordPress CMS. Whether you have a simple shop selling a few products or require more complex online shopping experience, we are confident that we can offer you a dynamic platform to realise your online goals. Jim’s experience with load time comes in handy here and we both know a good bit about user experience to ensure the fastest possible path to the checkout.

Can you design me a logo?

Sophie did an entire dissertation on 20th-century logo design so suffice it to say the answer is yes. From a simple pencil drawn icon to a comprehensive digitally enhanced gif, our logos work brilliantly across both the print and web and we’re happy to negotiate a single price with you to achieve all of your company’s branding.

When you get your inspiration from?

We favour clean minimal design with no fluff. Given how media saturated we all are these days, our approach is always that less is more, and our intention was designed as to offer a soothing, uncluttered aesthetic which allows the eye to rest on what’s important without overwhelming with too many font sizes or colours. Swedish furniture would be a good analogy in that it adheres to the classical dimensions while adding subtle flourishes where it’s important.